Architect as Storyteller

Architects are essentially the Rosetta Stone of an organization, providing translation services (or, as some would call it, the elevator between the executive suite and the development floors).

Architecting for the '-ilities'

Developers focus on functional requirements, but once you step into the architect role, your world is increasingly inhabited by the '-ilities'—the nonfunctional or quality attributes of a software system. But which '-ilities' matter and which don't? …

Learning Path: Issues and Next Steps in Software Architecture

Being a software architect is more than just possessing technical knowledge. It’s about thinking like an architect, being a leader, and understanding the architectural elements, patterns, and styles necessary to create effective software …

Presentation Patterns

Ford and Schutta offer concrete instruction in how to plan your presentation, handle a wide variety of presentation types, manage your audiences, and deal with constraints and surprises.