My name is Nathaniel Schutta and I’m an architect, Java Champion and developer advocate. In a nutshell, I am an architect as a service.

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Cover the full scope of software architecture

Software developers often long to upgrade their careers by becoming software architects. But many don’t realize that although the …

Cloud-Native Java From the Source

The Definitive Conference Series for Software Developers and Architects

Utah Java Users Group (UJUG) meets once a month to discuss the latest in the Java programming language and other tech topics.

The Center for Technology Innovation sponsors a series of day-long workshops on cutting-edge technology issues with nationally-known …

Talk Abstracts

Rich Hickey once said programmers know the benefits of everything and the trade offs of nothing…an approach that can lead a project down a path of frustrated developers and unhappy customers.

In this presentation, we will walk through how the cloud impacts are applications and what we can do to successfully move our organizations forward.

As we migrate towards distributed applications, it is more than just our architectures that are changing, so too are the structures of our teams.

Your organization is knee deep in functions and platforms and containers and while the technology is important, we can’t afford to overlook the importance of culture.

This talk will explore the strategies, tools and techniques you can apply as you evolve towards a cloud native future.

There are many good reasons to use a microservices architecture. But there are no free lunches.

Learn how to think strategically, manage stakeholder expectations, and make critical architectural decisions.


Recorded live @ UberConfX this week Nate Schutta shares his wisdom on the skills necessary to be a truly great software architect.

This week I’ve got a discussion about DevOps I had with Nate and Paul. I’ve been curious about the changing nature of DevOps as SRE and platform operations comes into vogue.

Serverless! Functions! Knative! What’s it all mean? Nate Schutta explains it all to Coté in this episode, wrapping up with a good explanation of what Knative is and how it fits in with Pivotal Function Service and Spring Boot.

Michael Carducci and Nate Schutta sit down to talk about how to approach software architecture and mastery of the craft of software development. Check out Nate’s latest publication.

New software technology appears every year. Like clockwork, another language, library, pattern, or approach will arrive on the scene with plenty of hype and developer enthusiasm. As someone whose job requires making architectural decisions, you need to evaluate these new technologies with an eye toward the inevitable tradeoffs before deciding if a new framework or language is right for your project.

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